July 24, 1997


The purpose of this Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin is to alert owners and operators of certain Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) Models engines and certain Rolls-Royce plc engine series, Repair Stations, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) of the issuance of a TCM Service Bulletin No. SB95-3A, dated December 15, 1995.


Certain TCM Models C-75, C-85, C-90, C-115, C-125, C-145, E-165, E-185, E-225, O-200, O-300, GO-300, GIO-300, IO-240, IO-360, and TSIO-360, LTSIO-360 and Rolls-Royce, plc Models C-90, O-200, O-240, O-300, IO-360, and TSIO-360 series engines.


The FAA has received reports of severely worn or damaged alternator/generator drive coupling assemblies which indicated that the procedures in TCM Service Bulletin SB95-3A are not being followed or in some instances, owners and operators are not aware that the service bulletin has been issued. To date, the FAA has been notified of two known accidents involving complete loss of engine power and subsequent off airport landings as well as 13 service difficulty reports since 1985 indicating worn or broken components in the drive assembly.


The FAA is recommending that all owners/operators and repair stations review the requirements of TCM Service Bulletin SB95-3A, and if necessary, have the work accomplished by a qualified maintenance technician. The FAA strongly recommends that if the engine or alternator/generator drive coupling has 500 or more hours time in service that repetitive inspections be conducted every 500 hours. A copy of the TCM service bulletin can be obtained free of charge from the following address:

Teledyne Continental Motors
PO Box 90
Mobile, AL 36601-0090
Telephone No. (888) 826-5874


Jerry Robinette, Aerospace Engineer, FAA, Atlanta Certification District Office, Campus Building, 1701 Columbia Avenue, Suite 2-160, College Park, Georgia 30337-2748; telephone (404) 305-7371; fax: (404) 305-7348.