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No. CE-00-20R1
June 22, 2000

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This is issued for informational purposes only and any recommendation for corrective action is not mandatory.


The purpose of this Revised Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) is to inform owners and/or operators of certain Raytheon (Beech) Barons, Bonanzas, and Travel Airs models of minor typographical errors marked below. All other applicability and information remains the same. The applicability and model serial numbers were also listed in Airworthiness Directive (AD) 71-24-10.


Serial Numbers

35-C33, E33, F33

CD-1062 through CD-1254, except CD-1237

35-C33A, E33A, F33A

CE-118 through CE-346, except CE-324

E33C and F33C

CJ-1 through CJ-30

V35, V35TC, V35A, V35A-TC, V35B, V35B-TC

D-8336 through D-9285, except D-9208, -9279, -9280, -9281, -9282

36, A36

E-1 through E-275

95-B55, 95-B55A

TC-1021 through TC-1397, except TC-1395, -1396

95-C55, D55, E55

TE-256 through TE-845, except TE-836, 837

56TC, A56TC

TG-1 through TG-94


TH-1 through TH-170 except TH-135, -153 -161

D95A, E95

TD-678 through TD-721

Only applicable if altered in service to incorporate P/N 60-524080 series control wheels, which have provisions for a clock and light:


CD-814 through CD-1061


CE-1 through CE-117


D-7977 through D-8335

95-B55, 95-B55A

TC-371 and TC-502 through TC-1020

95-C55, 95-C55A

TC-350 and TE-1through TE-255


TD-534 through TD-677

Recently, there was a control wheel separation from the control column of a Raytheon (Beech) Baron Model 56-TC during a flight in turbulent weather. The pilot maintained the roll control by using the autopilot and made an emergency landing. An investigation of the incident revealed that the weld, which was holding the shaft and the flange of the control column failed.

As a result, the Spokane, WA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) processed Safety Recommendation 99.336 suggesting a mandatory inspection of all the Barons, Bonanzas, and Travel Airs according to AD 71-24-10 and replacement of old parts with redesigned parts.


FAA issued AD 71-24-10 in 1971, which required inspection of the control wheel adapter by looking for two Beech inspection ink stamps that could be seen on one tip of each control wheel adapter. If two inspection stamps could not found, the AD required that this part be replaced with either Beech P/N 96-524029-15 (short) or Beech P/N 96-524029-19 (long) control wheel adapter, which had two welds, or with Beech P/N 96-524029-31 (short) or P/N 96-524029-33 (long), which had an improved design for higher weld strength.


For the above incident, the logbook of the airplane indicates that AD 71-24-10 was complied with in February 1972. However, the inspection of the failed part indicates that it does not comply with the requirements of the AD. One possibility is that, after complying with the AD, this part may have been replaced with a non-compliant part during a repair or maintenance at a later time.

Since failure of this control wheel adapter during flight may have undesirable safety consequences, the FAA strongly recommends inspection of the control wheel adapter within 100 hours of Time-In-Service (TIS) or at the next annual inspection, whichever occurs first, looking for two ’B’ inspection stamps. If this part is painted and can not be inspected for the two ink stamps, the FAA recommends the part be considered non-compliant and be replaced as directed in AD 71-24-10 or Beechcraft Service Instructions No. 0254-156. If any spares for this part are available, they should be inspected and dispositioned as mandated in AD 71-24-10. Any one requiring a copy of the Service Instructions No. 0254-156, contact Raytheon Aircraft Company at 1 (800) 429-5372 or at (316) 676-3140.

For Further Information Contact:

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