Beechcraft Electrical items

A very important aspect of owning/flying the Vintage Bonanza is to make sure the integrity of the wiring and connectors are in order. Since many of the components of the Bonanza are electro-mechanically operated, it is imperative to spend the time and effort on inspections or service. You may just find non approved and potentially unsafe connectors or wiring that some owner or mechanic with the best intentions or in a pinch installed by mistake. There is one other position of this subject, the airplane wiring components are just old and tired. Here is a list of items and service information.

Electrical Accessories

Repair information for electrical motors

Landing Gear Motors

Flap Motor

Prop Pitch Change Motor

Electrical Components

Starters & Starter Adapters

E-Series O/IO-470 IO-520 IO-550
36E14 list list list


Circuit Breakers







 for Generators



Landing Lights

Position / Strobe

Troubleshooting Guide

Starters - Generators - Alternators - Voltage Regulators


Electrical Component Distributors

Distributor Name Phone


Website / Email
Airtechnics  (800) 544-4070  Circuit Breakers, Switches
Allied Electronics (800) 433-5700 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Arrow Electronics Inc (303) 824-7645 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Brill Electronics (510) 834-5888 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Campbell & George Company (800) 682-4224 Circuit Breakers
Carlton Bates Company (501) 562-9100 Circuit Breakers, Switches
CDS Nedco Electronics (800) 605-2323 Circuit Breakers, Switches  
Circuit Breakers, Inc. (412) 487-9090 Circuit Breakers  
Coghlin Electronics, Inc. (800) 343-1201 Circuit Breakers
Controller Service & Sales Company (800) 584-5565 Switches
CSID / Walker Components (800) 825-8585 Circuit Breakers, Switches  
Dixie Sales Corporation (800) 421-4091 Circuit Breakers  
Electric Switch, Inc. (800) 421-8855 Switches
Electro Air div of Avnet Inc (770) 432-1900 Switches
Electro Sonic Inc. (800) 567-6642 Switches
Electronic Component & Equipment (305) 871-1500 Circuit Breakers, Switches  
Electronic Expeditors, Inc. (800) 558-8547 Switches  
Eurton Electric Company, Inc. (562) 946-4477 Switches  
Fuses Unlimited (800) 255-1919 Circuit Breakers
GEECO Sales Company (800) 354-3431 Circuit Breakers
Gopher Electronics Company (800) 592-9519 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Hughes-Peters Inc. (888) 264-6535 Circuit Breakers, Switches
I/O Corporation of Philadelphia (800) 345-6354 Circuit Breakers  
Kent Electronics (800) 422-8005 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Marine Air Supply Company, Inc. (800) 678-6085 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Marsh Electronics (800) 558-1238 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Master Distributor (800) 421-8153 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Newark Electronics Corp (800) 463-9275 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Peerless Electronic Equipment (800) 333-7674 Switches
Peerless Electronics Inc. (800) 285-2121 Circuit Breakers, Switches
PEI Genisis (800) 523-0727 Switches
Poco Sales (800) 762-6725 Circuit Breakers
Powell Electronics (800) 235-7880 Switches
Power Electro Supply Company, Inc. (800) 426-4508 Circuit Breakers  
Ramco Company (800) 328-6236 Switches  
Related Components, Inc. (800) 875-2151 Switches  
REM Electronics Supply Co., Inc. (800) 452-0090 Circuit Breakers, Switches  
S F Electronic Supply Inc. (800) 222-4499 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Selecta Switch Inc. (800) 421-8855 Switches  
Spemco Switches (800) 482-2828 Circuit Breakers, Switches
Standard Electric Supply Co. (800) 776-8222 Switches
Summers Southern Electric (800) 627-5500 Switches  
TA Riverside Components Supply (609) 530-9211 Circuit Breakers  
Taylor Industrial Electronics (262) 241-4321 Circuit Breakers, Switches  
Wes-Garde Components Group Inc. (800) 554-8866 Circuit Breakers, Switches

H S Electronics, Inc.

1665 West 33rd Place

Hialeah, FL 33012-1600

phone: 305- 821-5802  


H S Electronics, Inc. is a general line distributor of connectors, switches, relays, circuit breakers, wire/cable, terminals, ty-raps, instrument bulbs, fuses, insertion/extraction and crimp tools for aviation and the aviation industry.