Jim Northcutt's

1949 Model A35 Bonanza



Total Airframe time:  4500 hrs.

No Damage History


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Reskinned Aluminum Ailerons

Reskinned Aluminum Flaps

Reskinned Ruddervators

All fuselage skin aft of Cabin replaced

Cabin Ceiling skin replaced

Cabin Belly skin replaced

All Nose Gear ‘Tunnel’ structure replaced

Battery relocated to Engine Compartment

Nose gear door extensions

All Landing Gear assemblies overhauled

BDS full instrument panel Replacement

Speed sloped windshield

Side windows with integral vent windows

Third Window Installation

Rosen Sun Visors

Cleveland Wheels and Brakes

Dual Control Yoke

Adjustable Pilot and Copilots Seats

BDS 15 Gal Wing Tip Tanks With Transfer Pumps

‘M’ Model Fuel Selector and Weldon Boost Pump

Concorde RG-35AXC Sealed Battery

Whelen Model HR-CFA-14RW Anti Collision Light

Heated Pitot Tube


E185-11     65hrs SMOH

Channel Chrome Cylinders, 5 hrs TSI

Four Ring Pistons, 5 hrs TSI

397-13 Starter Overhauled

Slick Mags 5 hrs TTSN

Skytronics 50 Amp Alternator

Brackett Air Filter Installation

Sunrise Oil Filter Assembly

Airborne Dry Vacuum Pump

TSO’d Manifold Pressure Indicator

Horizon Digital Tach

SigmaTek Engine Instrument Cluster

Data Instruments fuel Pressure Transducer


Beech Model 215-107, 5 hrs TSO

New Spinner

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New Interior, 5 hrs TSN

‘M’ Style Headliner

Scotch Damp Y370 Insulation

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S-Tec 60-2 Autopilot with Alt Hold

S-Tec ST-135 Yaw Damper

S-Tec TK-330 Electric Elevator Trim

S-Tec ST-360 Altitude Select/Alert System

S-Tec Turn Coordinator

King KCS-55 Slaved Compass System

Dual King KX-165 Com/Nav Units with Glideslope

King Attitude Deviation Indicator with Flight Director

King KLN-88 Loran

King KR 87 ADF Receiver

King KN62 DME Transceiver

King KT76A Transponder

King KI256 RMI

Terra TM 350D Audio Panel with Marker Beacon

Kollsman Encoding Altimeter, O/H 2/21/04

TSO’d Airspeed Indicator with Kts/Mph

TSO’d Vertical Speed Indicator

Davtron Digital Clock

ACK Model E-01 ELT

Avionics Cooling Fan

Precision Vertical Card Compass

All Aircraft Wiring Replaced