69-09-01 EISEMANN: Amdt. 39-784. Applies to all type AM-4, AM-6, LA-4, and LA-6 Eisemann magnetos installed on, but not necessarily limited to:
Continental A-50 Series
Continental A-65 Series
Continental A-75 Series
Continental A-80 Series
Continental C-75 Series
Continental C-85 Series
Continental C-115 Series
Continental C-125 Series
Continental E-165 Series
Continental E-185 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 2A4 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 4AC Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 4A4 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6AC Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6AL Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6A8 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6A4 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6V4 Series
Franklin (Aircooled Motors) 6AG4 Series
Menasco C4, D4, D4-87

Compliance required within the next 50 hours' time in service after the effective date of this AD, unless already accomplished.

To prevent the possibility of loss of engine power in flight caused by electrically shorted windings in the magneto coil, accomplish the following:

(a) Inspect the coils P/N H27-958 used in Eisemann Type LA-4, LA-6, AM-4 and AM-6 magnetos for a yellow inspection stamp consisting of a letter and a numeral.

(b) Remove from further service those coils inspected in (a) bearing the following stamps: A76, B76, C76, D76, F76, G76, H76, J76, K76, L76, M76, D86, E86, F86, G86, H86, J86, K86.

(c) Install coils P/N H27-958 bearing yellow inspection stamp symbols other than those listed under (b) above or an equivalent approved by Chief, Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, FAA, Southern Region.

(d) This airworthiness directive affects only coils with the green plastic covering and does not affect:

(1) Taped coils.

(2) Those covered in black plastic.

(3) Those bearing inspection stamps of any type or color (other than those listed under (b) above).

(4) Those bearing no inspection stamp.

The compliance time may be adjusted up to a maximum of 10 hours to coincide with aircraft annual or 100-hour scheduled inspections. (American Industrial Sales Bulletin dated November 1, 1968, pertains to this same subject.)

Effective May 1, 1969.

Revised June 24, 1969.