Flight Control Surfaces Rebuilt

Aero-Repair, Inc.   Hemet Airport (HMT) Hangar #1   36980 Walden Weaver Rd.   Hemet, CA 92343   909-212-4788   909-925-2192 (fax)   Bill Daubenberger

Aero Surfaces, CRS., OG3R-735-L,- Bonanza Flight Control Rebuild Service. Ailerons $1750, flaps $1850, ruddervators/elevators $1875. Workmanship guaranteed, painting and balancing.

Frank Baker 530-893-5416, email address is aerosurfaces@chico.com (CA)

Aircraft Repairs Unlimited   New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB)   New Bedford, MA   508-990-0166 508-990-0277 (fax)  Al Audette
Beegle in Greeley, CO ?
Biggs Aircraft, BONANZA WINGS S35-B36 CRS #BA2R709K, exchange or will repair your wings. Repair or exchange any Beech Flight controls, all wings and controls yellow tagged. Call Glen, (405) 258-2965; FAX (405) 258-3016. (OK)
CHELCRAFT - SPECIALIZING in Beech reskinned flight controls - Bonanza, Debonair, Mentor, Travel Air & Baron. Chelcraft Aviation, Inc., 1111 19th Ave. South, Princeton, MN 55371. 612, 389-5515.
Control Center L.L.C., FLIGHT CONTROLS RESKINNED in fixture, w/factory new skin. All King Air 90 thru 300 series. Painting & balance available. Call Ron Davis,  1-888, 597-0105, E-mail: controlcenter@cpn-net.com  (OK)
Crossroad Aviation (972) 239-0263; 15810 Addison Road, Addison, Texas 75001 TX
Princeton Aviation   Princeton Municipal Airport (PNM)  Princeton, MN 55371   763-389-2134
Select Airparts - 540-564-0010       800-318-0010         sales@selectairparts.com
Stebbins Aviation, Inc., FLIGHT CONTROLS FOR all Beechcraft thru King Air 300 rebuilt by FAA approved repair station (YYSR526L) w/20 years experience, painting & balancing available. (Bill)  (800) 852-8155; (502)368-1414. Louisville, KY  
Structural Repair Specialists, Inc. BEECH CONTROL SURFACES and wings 33 thru Barron, exchange or rebuild. All rebuilt in fixtures using Beech skins. Quick turn around, painting and balancing available. Call David Laurin at (877) 364-8003 or / fax  612, 802-5694 (MN)
Also, provides services to lift speed restriction AD 2002-21-13 on early Bonanza models. Travels throughout US territories.
Morton Stoverud   Flying W Airport (N14)   Medford, NJ 08055   609-654-8502