Preventive Maintenance

Breakdown by component area


Reference: Beech 35 through G35 Parts Catalog page 2-46 Figure 25

Tools needed


    5/16" open end wrench (for lock nut on grounding straps)

    3/8" (x2) ratchet socket or wrench for aileron hinge

    7/16" (x2) ratchet socket or wrench for aileron control rod end on inboard aileron hinge.

Phillips screw driver, 

plastic baggie or  tray to store screws, bolts, nuts and washers if to be re-used

Liquid wrench or ant penetrate oil.

Replacement parts list

Aileron assembly

Bracket assembly inboard & out board

Replacement AN hardware



    Aileron removal

    Aileron hinge removal

    aileron Inspection and balancing

Note: Before you start to remove any fasteners, you may want to pay close attention to the way they are installed. Note how many washers are used for the attach screws. Note the washer arrangement and quantity utilized for the aileron hinges.

Aileron removal - Check for proper mounting hardware Bolts nuts washers etc. There are four top and four bottom screws and washers. NAS221-9 (screws) and AN960-10L (washers).  The removal of the previous attaching hardware, will allow the aileron to detach far enough for the access to the two grounding straps. There should be two, located near each of the two hinge brackets. You will need a phillips screw driver and small wrench (size ?) to remove the straps so that the aileron can be completely detached.

Aileron hinge removal - Now that the aileron is out of the way, you have clear and free access to the aileron brackets The out board bracket is only attached by a single bolts , nut washer arrangement. notice from Figure 25 how the aileron control rod will have a AN3-7A (bolt), AN960-10 (washer), and AN365-1032 (nut).

The inner aileron attach hinge will have the aileron control rod end attached to it. a AN4-10A (bolt), AN960-416 (washer), and AN365-428 nut.