Landing Gear

Nose Gear Plunger Rod and Clevis pin info.

35 thru G35

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Service Bulletins & Service Letters

Installation of an improved
Nose Landing Gear Retract Rod Plunger
The new style rod is designed 7.5" longer

No. 1149
ATA Code 32-30
   Models 35 thru G35

The above Service Instruction supercedes this old Service Letter

Calls for Kit 35-8007-1 S  ($409) from Raytheon

Plunger Rod New part 35-825094-4  ($204.99 from Raytheon)

Clevis Pin  (user either part #)  Replacement Sources

   Old Part r#  AN393-25            New Part # MS20392-2C25  
The "C" designates allow steel (4037, 4130 or 8630) as the material Cadmium II plated

Barry Jay Aviation, Inc. MS20392-2C25

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