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How many Model 35 Bonanza's are still flying ?

Of course it's relatively easy to come up with the original production numbers of Bonanza's leaving the factory for 10 years between 1947 and 1956. The serial numbers started with D-1 and ended with D-4865. So at least this gives us a number to work from. So I have gathered information of current US registered Bonanza's between 1947 and 1956. I have this by each year listed.



Total Manufactured

US Registered

August 2001



35 1500 679 45%
A35 699 345 49%
B35 479 287 60%
C35 717 486 68%
D35 297 228 77%
E35 300 230 77%
F35 390 199 51%
G35 473 361 76%


4855 2815 average 58%


This doesn't account for any non US registered Bonanza's. Canada and other places will account for many more airplanes that are currently flying. The numbers from the chart above are approximate and were created August 2001. I might also mention that these registered aircraft do not represent the total number of "flyable" airplanes. 

An interesting fact is the number of registered small v-tail models (1947 to 1950) is 1310 and the number of larger v-tail models (C35 to G35) is qty. 1502.

Models 35 through B35

Produced 2678, now registered 1310 = 49%

Models C35 through G35

Produced 2177, now registered 1502 = 69%